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Hey Mama,

Are you ready to stop relying on coffee to get through your day and finally have energy to engage with your kids?


I know you have an ideal for how your family life should look, and what kind of mom you would be.

But I also know that you are feeling the opposite of that ideal right now.

You want to be involved and engaged in your kids lives, but you simply don't have the energy. So instead of going out and making memories you spend your days exhausted, snapping at your kids, and stuck in survival mode.

Definitely not how you imagined motherhood! 

You are in the right place Mama!

I am here to help you unleash lasting energy and recover the joy in your motherhood, by learning the unique language of your body and balancing your hormones.



Stick with me, and I will teach you how to have endless energy by harnessing the power of your hormones!

2 Years ago...

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I was sick and burned out trying to run a business, while also keeping up with a toddler and a newborn, while also recovering from a rough pregnancy and delivery for said newborn.


I didn’t feel like I was doing anything right, not parenting, not taking care of myself, and certainly not enjoying the ride!

Does that sound familiar?

Although I pushed through for several more months, my body and my mind finally told me that it was time to focus on healing. I took a year off of most extra things to focus on my health and my boys, and then one day woke up one day with actual plans that I was actually excited about completing! I had made it out of burnout and back into the land of the living! I was no longer just alive, I was stinkin’ happy about it!

I knew that when I relaunched my business, I wanted to focus on giving mom’s the very tools that I used during my year away so that they too could recapture their passion for their work, their joy in their families, and finally FEEL the freedom that they are working so hard to create!


Does recapturing joy and freedom, while karate kicking mom-guilt to the curb sound like a dream come true for you? Book your free 20 minute Bliss session below!

"Lindsey's program was a game changer for me. My hormones were such a mess! She gave me the tools and courage to make the changes I knew I needed to make. I no longer feel like my day-to-day is ruled by the whim of my hormones- and it feels amazing!


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