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Start Her Off Right!

Holistic Wellness Coaching for Girls and the Moms Who Love Them!

Girls are beginning puberty and starting their periods earlier than ever, often before they fully understand this stage of life!


And when they start they are often thrown into the deep end of cramping, heavy bleeding, and confusing body image issues that hinders them from participating in their lives the way they did before. And moms are just as bewildered as their daughters!

You want to help your daughter through this time, but you find yourself at a loss for good resources.

You know you want to help her avoid the period problems that you experienced in your teen years, but you are just now getting a handle on your own and don't know where to start!

Does this sound familiar?


Me Now, feeling confident and comfortable in my hormones!

Me in the confusing, early days
of dealing with new and frustrating hormones.

Me then.jpg
Hi, I'm Lindsey!
I am an herbalist specializing in hormones now, but I wasn't always this confident in how my body worked!

As a teenager, I also experienced a turbulent beginning to my cycling years. I knew a few things, but not enough, and I suffered from heavy bleeding, severe cramping, and irregular cycles that caused me to have to cancel activities.

My mom did her best, but she didn't know what she didn't know, and my friends and their moms were all in the same boat. We were floundering together believing that this was just the way things were!

Once I got into the world of natural health and got the opportunity to learn how my body was meant to function I dove headfirst and developed a passion for sharing this amazing new world with my mom, my younger sisters, and anyone who would listen!

And now I love to teach girls and their moms about how our bodies function best and ways that they can set a solid foundation from the beginning for a lifetime of balanced hormones!



My signature, virtual program for helping girls and their moms get to the root of early hormone imbalances and set a healthy foundation for a lifetime of balance.

Over the course of 3 months we will work together to:

  • Learn how the early years of periods work and what is actually normal (and what isn't)!

  • Implement natural methods to manage the most uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance, while working to re-balance at the root.

  • Provide both mother and daughter with health and hormone education in a fun and fact-based way. No more needing to find out from friends what is what, (Hint: they don't know either!) or wait for the school to cover it in health. (Hint: they won't!)

  • Discover how to sync up your monthly hormone cycle for the best performance at school, in sports, and with friends.


How Does It Work?

Filming a Video

1:1 Guidance

6-1hr virtual sessions where we will discuss personalized options for balancing out-of-whack hormones and laying a solid foundation for life-long health.

Spa and Beauty Products


Using my background as an herbalist, I will help you create a customized protocol of supportive herbal supplements in a way that is fun and easy to take.

Image by William Iven

Email Support

Support between sessions, because curiosity and learning never stop!

Girls Jogging Together

Cycle Syncing

Learn how to chart cycles and how to fuel each stage in a way that provides focus, balanced moods, and energy every week of the month.

Image by Christin Hume

Private Portal

Your own private, HIPPA compliant portal to keep in touch with me between sessions, access your records and files, and make payments.

It is possible to make it through the teen years feeling confident, comfortable, and prepared!

Mother and Daughter

Step 1- Book your free consultation with me so that we can chat about your goals. (I start with this because not every situation is within my wheelhouse or expertise and I don't like wasting my time or your money!)

Step 2- If we decide that working together is the best fit, then I will immediately get you on-boarded into the program so we can get started.
Step 3- Dig into the action steps each session and open to the wonder of being you!

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