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What if I told you the next 30 days could hold the key to ending survival mode?

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True health is being well physically, mentally, and emotionally, not just not being sick. But I know from experience that trying to live my life while completely burned out is the exact opposite of this definition of health! Can you relate?
And yet “health” gurus are telling us every day that the secret to health is to diet better, exercise harder, and shop smarter! How are we supposed to make time for that when our plate is already piled so high?
What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to move from survival mode into truly holistic well-being? I’m talking about waking up with  joy each morning, knocking out that to-do list, and doing it all without having to sacrifice time and energy with your family to do it!

The secret is in the seasons!

As women, we have both the cycle of our bodies and the cycle of the seasons that beckon us on a regular basis to rest, release, and restore. The luteal phase of our cycles, corresponds to the autumn when the trees are releasing their leaves and turning inward to prepare for a glorious spring.
When I teach women this concept, it is often the hardest change for them to make in their monthly cycles because they have never been taught how to slow down, truly rest, and release the things that are burdening them. I believe that this is one of the key factors that makes women statistically more likely to experience burnout than men!

Introducing the Fall Into Health Program

In just 30 days, we’ll dive into various areas of your life that may be causing an imbalance in your health and joy, without adding more demands onto your already full plate.

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Week 1: Release & Replace. This week we’ll work on releasing what isn’t serving you and replacing these unhelpful habits with nourishing ones.


Week 2: Grounding Practices & Foods. This week we’ll learn about what foods naturally ground you and correlate with the luteal and menstrual phases of your cycle as well as grounding practices that can help you feel clear-headed and present in your daily life.


Week 3: Gentleness & Rejuvenation. This week we’ll learn the importance of rest, what it actually is (and what it’s not), and how you can easily incorporate it into your life regularly to feel rejuvenated and peaceful.


Week 4: A Well Balanced Life. Before we finish our month together, we’ll take a look at each area of your life and see where you are feeling unbalanced or overwhelmed. Then, together, we’ll craft a plan of action to help you balance those areas of your life moving forward. 

It’s going to be a powerful month of tapping into the Autumn season and the rest that our cyclical nature calls us to. As the trees release their leaves, we’ll dig in and figure out what we need to release as well.  

Who is this program for?

  • The burned-out mompreneur who knows that there is more to this life than just surviving each day.

  • The woman with the chaotic hormones who dreads getting knocked on her booty each month

  • The type A go-getter who knows that she needs to learn to slow down for optimal health but doesn’t know the first place to start

  • The tired mom with a full plate who is sick of being told to add more things to it by the "gurus"!

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When does it start?

October 5th-31st 
Live mentorship calls will be held each Monday night. 
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