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High-C Smoothie

If you are craving the creamy coldness of a smoothie, but you want it to do double duty, then this is the smoothie for you during this cold and flu season! This is not only deliciously creamy and naturally sweet, but it is also packed with vitamin C + hidden veggies! The addition of ginger helps to warm this smoothie up a bit for colder weather and packs an additional anti-inflammatory punch.

I based this smoothie off of the no-longer-available Orange Ginger Glow Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie, but this version uses real, whole fruits and veggies and no additional sugar. And honestly, I like my version even better!

If you have kids that aren't into smoothies, then I recommend freezing this in popsicle molds and turning it into a frozen treat. I can tell you from experience that my kiddo who can't deal with that smoothie texture will scarf down a popsicle and ask for seconds, a great way to get nutrient dense fruits and veggies into their diets!

High-C Smoothie Recipe

Juice of 1 Orange

1 cup of non dairy milk

½ inch fresh ginger, grated (a pinch of dried ginger if you want more heat)

1 Med carrot

½ green apple with skin

½ cup frozen pineapple

½ cup frozen mango

Put orange juice, milk, carrot, and apple into the blender and blend until smooth. Add frozen pineapple and mango and blend until thick and creamy.

I can't wait to hear what you think about this immune-boosting smoothie recipe and how you think it compares to the Orange Ginger Glow!

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