3 Tips to Make Detoxing Easy

May 3, 2018

It's no secret, that detoxing requires motivation and determination in order to achieve your goals, but that doesn't mean it has to be a time of torture and deprivation.  To help keep your detox as easy as possible, I am listing some of my best tips to minimize discomfort and maximize your results!





1.) Don't shop on an empty stomach!


   This is a tip frequently used in budget discussions, but it applies equally well when you are grocery shopping for a detox. It is going to be MUCH easier for you to avoid that impulse snack buy if you aren't hangry!


2.) Don't plan during holidays or vacations


 If you plan a detox during that week at the beach then I can almost guarantee that your detox will crash and burn. There is just something about being away from home that makes us forget about sugar and calories and all that fun stuff.


3.) Find an accountability partner!


   Everything is better with friends, including detoxes! You can moan together about how much you miss *insert favorite guilty pleasure*, you can inspire each other with Instagram worthy snapshots of your lunches, and if you know you have someone who will be checking up on your every move, then you are much less likely to cheat "just this once".



With these tips under your belt you will be well on the road to a successful detox. Also, don't forget to document your progress for yourself. Knowing that you have accomplished a big goal (and that it wasn't so hard after all!) is a huge motivation boost the next time you set a seemingly insurmountable goal. Plus, it might inspire you to make detoxing a regular part of your lifestyle!


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