I'm Lindsey Mashon

Certified Nutritional Counselor, wife, mom, & entrepreneur

Welcome to my nook.

I was blessed with a beautiful, natural home-birth, attended by a wonderful midwife, my mom, and my husband.  it was everything i had been dreaming of, and i had spent the last nine months preparing for this moment. 

I figured that if I could make it through a 14-hour labor, whatever came next would be a piece of cake!  *Insert maniacal laugh*  Instead i found myself muddling through my days with no idea which end was up!

Here I had this adorable, easy-going baby boy, that I truly enjoyed being with, yet I felt so stressed out all the time because things weren't as "easy" and "natural" as I assumed they would be.  Breastfeeding, which I had so naively thought would be easy-peasy, was a struggle with a baby that would rather sleep than eat, and the constant threat of mastitis. (after having it 5 times, I can honestly say I would rather be in labor!!!)

the flood of postpartum hormones caught me totally off-guard and I'm sure my poor husband wondered what had happened to the sweet, laid-back girl he had married, as I flew off the handle at the littlest things.

The digestive problems that I thought I had cleared up at the end of my teens came back with a vengeance and brought with it a flare up of my anxiety, so that I couldn't even leave the house some days.  I spent most of my nights sitting awake with stomach pains, crying about all the things I wanted to do and couldn't because of my anxiety.



I just wanted to get back to normal and truly enjoy this life that I had been dreaming about since I was little.

what i found was that as many hours as i had spent researching pregnancy, and labor before birth, i easily doubled that in the first few months of my sons life.  you name it, i gave myself a headache reading about it!  i was an overwhelmed, sleep-deprived mess!

fortunately, i soon realized that i could not do this alone, and i reached out to those around me (geographically, as well as online and through books) creating an amazing support system of experience mothers, teachers, and healers to guide me through this learning curve.

i drew on my training in natural health, and developed a way of eating and a supplement protocol that worked best for my body, to balance my hormones and fix my digestion.

I took a leap and found a therapist that helped me learn to handle my anxiety, and gave me the tools I needed to finally go to the grocery store on my own!

I began implementing mindset tools that I had scoffed at before, to handle the daily stresses of motherhood and in the process began to feel like myself again!

I began to exercise regularly to help with stress as well as to rebuild and strengthen my post-pregnancy body.

however, i know that for many women, finding these resources is not an option. whether you live far from family and friends, or you simply have no idea where to start looking, it is for you that i have created this community.

Nothing makes me happier than to see a Mama finally feel supported in her body, in herself, and in her calling.

becoming a mom is the most beautiful, magical, overwhelming moment in the entire world.

there is no guide-book, there is just labor pain and then sweet, wrinkled eyes looking into yours as your heart leaves your body forever.

In times past, wise-women stood by the mother from the time she knew she was pregnant, helped her through the pregnancy tweaks and twinges, encouraged her throughout her labor, and guided her transition into motherhood.

in today's fast-paced world, where independence and ambition are valued above all else, we have lost that sense of community.  We have become detached from knowing our own bodies.

motherhood has become about doing all.the.things.  Instead of taking time to rest, heal, and learn the new balance of things, we are taught to suck it up and  get back in the game as quickly as possible.

overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted are words that i often hear mothers use to describe themselves. while some of these feelings are the natural result of the drastic hormonal changes that we go through after birth, not to mention unpredictable newborn sleep schedules, I believe that much of this is also due to  the false idea that doing is more noble than being.

It is my dream to see every mother lovingly supported through every phase of motherhood, from pre-conception to empty nest.

if this resonates with you, I would love to work with you to map out your dream motherhood journey so that you feel supported and empowered every step of the way!

© 2017 by Lindsey Mashon.