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Get Rooted So You Can Grow!

Holistic Wellness Coaching for Exhausted Moms

Does this sound familiar?


You wake up in the morning feeling just as tired as you did when you went to bed.

Guilt has become your constant companion as you struggle through your to-do list each day, but through the brain fog and exhaustion you just can't seem to get anything done.

You are struggling to remember little things like where you put your keys, the load of jeans that has been washed three times in the last three days, and that pesky water bill. And when you try to sit down and focus your brain is so busy you feel like you are herding cats!

You are irritable and anxious during the day, and often find yourself snapping at those around you for things that you know aren't that big of a deal.

Libido? Ha!

Everyone keeps telling you that this is just life with kids and at your age, but the thought of that just makes you want to curl up into a ball. You know that there is more than this! You dream of the day that you don't have to choose to spend your energy playing with the kids or putting together your grocery list, but that, instead, you can actually enjoy the freedom that you are working so hard to build!

Hi, I'm Lindsey!
I help moms just like you harness the power of their hormones and restore their energy, so they can show up for  their families, their communityand themselves while kicking mom-guilt to the curb.

Burnout to Bliss

My signature, virtual program for helping busy, burned-out moms create a nourishing lifestyle that activates joy and energy in themselves and their families.

Over the course of 3 months we will work together to:

  • Harness the power of your hormonal cycle so that you can accomplish more without adding to your to-do list

  • Decode and manage cravings to create sustainable energy throughout the day (no more 2pm crash!)

  • Reset your rhythms to encourage deep and restful sleep (like your husband!)

  • Work with me to create a botanical protocol for your unique self to kick brain fog and balance moods (No more taking 60 different herbs that you found on Google that aren't helping anyway!)

  • Discover which foods are fueling your body, and which ones are sabotaging your health.


How Does It Work?


1:1 Guidance

6-1hr virtual sessions where we will create a customized nourishment plan to help you create sustainable energy and reverse burn out!

Natural Herbs


Using my background as an herbalist, I will help you create a customized protocol of supportive herbal supplements.

Image by William Iven

Email Support

Support between sessions, because momming doesn't come with a schedule

Cooking by Brandless.jpg

Whole Foods

Delicious recipes that will fuel your body for sustainable energy and a customized assessment of which foods are the most health promoting for your unique body.

Image by Hannah Olinger

Cycle Syncing

Gain an intimate understanding of the language of your body, and learn to fuel each stage with the right foods, movement, and energy management.

Image by Christin Hume

Private Portal

Your own private, HIPPA compliant portal to keep in touch with me between sessions, access your records and files, and make payments.


“I was in such a tired fog. I never felt rested. I would wake myself up with caffeine and sugar. I decided enough was enough. I contacted Lindsey and asked her opinion on a successful detox program. She suggested [her program]! I would like to say I am so impressed and happy with this [program]. My energy returned. I am waking up early now and I haven’t had insomnia in 2 weeks! I mentally feel good, I’ve enjoyed exercising with my two kids. I take time for myself!”  
- Amy
“Before starting I was living in constant anxiety and having problems with sleep. By day 5 I was already sleeping better and could feel my anxiety easing. By day 13 I was a new person! I had so much more energy, I was sleeping again and my overall mood was better. I am still using many of Lindsey’s recipes in mine and my toddlers diets (which he loves!) and have noticed how much more mindful I am of the foods that I choose. I am also more mindful of my emotions, especially when it comes to communicating with my toddler. It’s amazing how this program targets so many aspects of your life, which makes it beneficial not only for you but the people who surround you!”  

It is possible to wake up excited and on fire every morning, knowing that you are equipped for the day ahead!


Step 1- Book your free consultation with me so that we can chat about your goals. (I start with this because not every situation is within my wheelhouse or expertise and I don't like wasting my time or your money!)

Step 2- If we decide that working together is the best fit, then I will immediately get you on-boarded into the program so we can get started.
Step 3- Dig into the action steps each session and begin to feel like yourself again!

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